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Themeless but not without Target

ImageThis weeks Sound-In Event of recorded ‘new music’ works was without ‘theme’ as it is every other event weekend but as always was not without target.   In fact the community of global artists which make up the core of this creative community gather by internet connection each Thur @4pm PST to Sat 6pm PST and produce music that has no knowledge of itself yet when listened back to back or remixed/mashed, the result can be quite on target as if each member composer is tethered by a subconscious telepathic muse.

Sit back edit, code, read, have a beer, lay down, close your eyes, well first click the link the bottom corner of your browser to start the playlist, then close your eyes and give a listen to the marvelous thought provoking musical work produced over this the weekend of Nov 7-9, 2013.  Note the link at bottom of the list for a free download of the Sound-In New Music Event Player available for iPad/iPhone/iPad Touch mobile devices.

And now the Event playlist….

Krragspel Quartet 
Kragspel Quartet
Lydia Busler-Blais @
Easy Friday
Dreams of Whales
Paul H. Muller
Pleiades Seven
William V Newbold
Outside Mixes
Bruce Hamilton
Christiane Offenbar
Walking the Path (souncloud link)
Shane W. Cadman
Steve Moshier
Chiaroscuro Tears
Norbert Oldani
glenn smith
shades of blue november
Carla J. Patterson
Chorality improv (c. 1:30 am)
2:32 am piano improv
Roger “ErcoNet” Sundström
Phoenix Dance
In My Big Room
Steve Moyes
Against a Fence
Kavin. (Breaking Light on band camp)
ashes ashes all fall down
J.C. Combs
4th and Bell pdf score
underground passageway  pdf score
Jim Goodin
Meeting with Messers’ Ross, Benzola and Goodin to Discuss Beer
Envelope for 6 in 2
Envelope for 6 in 3 remix (feat. Joseph Benzola, Jim Goodin and future spirit of James Ross, mix by Joseph Benzola)
Chris Vaisvil @
A Final Meal of Bitter Melon
I Talked to Venus
DIY Aeolian Harp Version 1
Walking the Tibetan Path   featuring Christiane Offenbar
Paul Mimlitsch
Steve Layton
The Path of Lanterns
Norbert Oldani, Glenn Smith, Roger Sundström, Kavin Allenson (mix Steve Layton) Nightbird
Christiane Offenbar, Steve Layton (mix Steve Layton)  Waldnymphe
Bruce Hamilton, Paul Mimlitsch x 2, William V. Newbold, Kavin Allenson, Steve Moshier (mix Steve Layton) The Phoenix Temple
Roger Sundström, Chris Vaisvil, Paul Muller, Jim Goodin (mix Steve Layton) The Woods in Winter
The Kragspel Quartet, J.C. Combs (mix Steve Layton)  The Mice in Philip Glass’s Studio
J.C. Combs, Paul Mimlitsch, Lydia Busler-Blais, Christiane Offenbar (mix Steve Layton) Always Moving Forward
Shane Cadman, Steve Moyes (mix Steve Layton) Roller the Tumbler
Lydia Busler-Blais, Steve Moyes, Jim Goodin (mix Steve Layton) The Seagull and the Whale

Take Sound-In with you on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch mobile device.  I wrote the Sound-In New Music Event Player with that purpose, to have a recent playlist that you could listen to without data while you were going to sleep, on the train, away from your nearest wireless provider :).  The player is newly published and available at the App Store badge below.  The app will be updated as time permits with recent Sound-In Event playlists.  If you don’t have an Apple mobile device you can still download the app music via at

Download the Sound-In New Music Event PlayerSee you next time,




Wow Carla [Cryptic] welcome to Sound-In!  

I regret other than posting my ‘single’ track in a rush last weekend I know I missed a great event with a theme I had little time to process.  When I recorded my piece which memory is blank but I think it was probably either Wed or Fri evening as in between those times, I was totally immersed at work for 24+ hrs at that period chasing Expiro*, a highly creative computer virus that got in our law firm network.  It was wild and we spent the weekend, the department I’m in of 4 plus an outside group of creative folks brought in by my boss as we were overwhelmed.  Our goal was not to achieve perfection over it’s corruption to our systems but merely to be able to have the lawyers ‘working’ when Monday came and we did that.  It was a range of bandaids but it worked out.  

Sadly I’m just now listening to some of the work created.  Narcissistically I reached out for the flattering mash of my fretless mando piece with Lydia’s haunting horn and Steve thank you very much for combining us, love the name and my mash mate 🙂  

Now the second piece I hear is our new comer or new to me and a fine passionate 2 min (Bruce H is gonna love this) piece.  I must continue with some parallel thoughts on Carla [Cryptic]’s piece and say when I got home tonight (actually now yesterday), still tired from the weekend (age) I sat down and promptly dosed off waking @2:30am refreshed.  I turned to do some ‘research’ on YouTUbe re my current guitar rebuilding project (can’t wait to hear what this one will sound like) and I stumbled on to first a ZZTop appearance at the Crossroads music festival and somehow it led me to watching several Frank Zappa interviews which were funny, bittersweet and sad as he’s not with us in his creative inventive form but and yes I get to the end of this narrative and say Carla your 2 min roll reminds me of Frank, thank you. 

Folks I’m sorry I missed it so in return I’m posting this comment as lead-in to a SoundingsFromSound-In blog entry taking to our playlist.  Kudos all and love ….Jim

Sound-In Event Oct 17-19, 2013 – Words (optional)

primal distortion preserver
Lydia Busler-Blais @
Past Tense
Christiane Offenbar
Words for Sound-In
Johnny & Faith
Britt & Cinn Sing ‘Hairbrush’
Shane W. Cadman
Paul H. Muller
Pleiades Four
Steve Layton / Stomachache (Freesound)
100 Words
Norbert Oldani
13 Variations – a setting of a Haiku of mine
William V Newbold
A critical mass.
Hour song mixed into itself
James Bailey
Walter Seroff
It’s Gonna Rain
J.C. Combs @
Outside the Theater (score pdf file)
Glass Elevator  (score pdf file)
Benjamin Smith @ alonetone
Paul Mimlitsch
Steve Layton
AEIOU (feat. rtb4, marcgascon7, augdog, ignat, beat24 / Freesound)
Conversations with Moonlight (feat. William V. Newbold, Christiane Offenbar, Norbert Oldani, James Bailey, augdog/Freesound, Paul Muller, Kavin Allenson)
Benjamin Smith & Shane Cadman (mix Steve Layton) Hear My Words
Benjamin Smith & J.C. Combs (mix Steve Layton) Magician in the Barrel House
James Bailey, Chris Vaisvil, William V. Newbold (mix Steve Layton) Rain or Snow
Jim Goodin & Lydia Busler-Blais (mix Steve Layton) Crisp Day with Orange and Red
Paul Mimlitsch x 2, Soundcollectah@Freesound (mix Steve Layton) What Do You Mean
by Chris Vaisvil @
Improvisation in Bach’s tuning (per Kellner)
“Let it Snow”

Join us for this weekends Sound-In Event at Thur 4pm PST to Sat 6pm PST.

*Virus:Win32/Expiro.gen!F is a generic detection for variants of Win32/Expiro, a virus that infects executable files with .EXE extensions in all drives, and collects user credentials from an infected computer. It also allows backdoor access and control to the infected computer, and lowers Internet Explorer settings. [].

Themeless goes to wonderful places…

It’s been a bit since a post from me at Soundings but it has not meant the internet new music community has been asleep at the wheel!  Our weekly Creative Commons based recording event thrives full throttle with a community of global artist musicians producing inspired introspective thought provoking musicality.

This weekends event (Oct 10-12, 2013) was open meaning no suggested theme.  Every other event we select an optional idea theme from a virtual ‘Magic Hat‘ to seed everyone’s ideas.  On the events that are themeless the energy and inspiration is no less and at times wilder wider, always great.

Without further waxing of words, the playlist link as well as follows here…

Bruce Hamilton
Steve Moshier
These Walls Do Speak
Lydia Busler-Blais @
Autumnal Peeper Drive
Shane W. Cadman
Steve Layton, Roger “ErocNet” Sundström (Mix J.C . Combs @
Leaf Mix
Norbert Oldani
Piano Improvisation – based on a 12 tone row and some tonal material
Paul H. Muller
Pleiades Two
Pleiades Three
dollars to dimes
Paul Mimlitsch
Chris Vaisvil @
a mornng of dihydrogen monoxide
Benjamin Smith @alonetone
Jim Goodin
Deconstruction Myth
Meditation Narrative in E
Trying to Figure It Out (OCD)
Roger “ErocNet” Sundström
A Moment I
Air Moment I
Steve Layton
Leaf Fall
Paul Mimlitsch x 2, Steve Layton (mix Steve Layton) The Mountains Behind
Kavin Allenson & Roger Sundström (mix Steve Layton) Two Friends Discuss John Fahey
Chris Vaisvil, Benjamin Smith, Norbert Oldani (mix Steve Layton) The Bridge into the City
Benjamin Smith & Jim Goodin (mix Steve Layton) Circling the Answer
Paul Muller x 2, Bruce Hamilton, Chris Vaisvil (mix Steve Layton) Two Point Five Minute War

Closing words of wax…

Lest I forgot for all out there with Apple mobile devices, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad I created an audio player app that features releases of our events.  The tracks are embedded in the app so the music can be enjoyed offline.  The current app playlist features tracks from the Apr 4-6, 2013, dream theme event.  The player download is free at .  Please consider rating or reviewing it!

Should you not have an Apple mobile or desire to just access via computer or other mobile device, the release is on Bandcamp at .

Peace out from Soundings from Sound-In.  I’m Jim Goodin.




From Spikes to an Easter[n] Bunny – the Sound-In event – 3/28 – 30

The Sound-In camp assembled at it’s usual virtual time and home on Thursday, March 28th at 4pm PST and the musical thread that connected 16 global musicians for their publishing of 48 new musical works never before heard or planned.  Often with the weekly event participating members creative works are created from just a couple days before to during the 2+ day event.

With this episode here is a piece from each artist who participated this weekend.  For the complete 48 track listing go to the listening archive.

James Bailey
Bruce Hamilton
Steve Moshier
Cautionary Reflex
Johnny & Faith
Waiting For Keyser Soze
Norbert Oldani
Budda Boy
Glenn Smith
I Got Pigs in my Goat House
Jim Goodin
The Forest for the Trees
William V. Newbold
Paul Mimlitsch
Shane W. Cadman
Piece032913 (an unused track)
Paul H. Muller
Short Fugue
ele voltou
Benjamin Smith
Roger “ErocNet” Sundström
Drifting Angel
Steve Moyes
Steve Layton
The Scribe Draws a Dancer in the Margin
The Eastern Bunny(feat. Chris Vaisvil x 2, Benjamin Smith, Paul Muller, Norbert Oldani)
Chris Vaisvil
Facebook, the Window of Basal Ganglia

Sound-In is a ‘new music’ online music community located at  The weekly event begins each Thursday at @4pm PST and runs through 6pm PST on Saturday, inviting participating member musical and sound artists to post work(s) under Creative Commons agreement for public listening and downloading.  Consider joining us if you are a ‘new music’ musical artist.  View the site FAQ for information.  Sound-In was founded by Seattle based composer J.C. Combs.

Soundingly yours –

Jim GoodinWood and Wire Music


Loosely the Comet

photo by Chris Mlodnicki of the FW Astronomy Society

photo by Chris Mlodnicki of the FW Astronomy Society

This weekend’s Sound-In event which I had the rotational pleasure of kicking off on Thursday afternoon, was moving as they are every weekend.  To say anything else, was better than the other, none of the need for comparisons exists in my mind in talking about the work of this ‘new music’ community, it’s always stellar and inspired.  I look forward to each and every weekend event, which begins on Thursday afternoon of each week @4pm PST and runs through Sat PM at 6pm PST.

Consistently twenty plus musicians from around the world community of interest in experimental music show up to post their musical work for the week, sometimes multiple pieces all done under Creative Commons.  I’ve been in the Sound-In community (originally known as ImprovFriday) since January of 2009 or 10 and it’s become one of my most enriching musical experiences.

Every other week at Sound-In the event takes on an optional theme for the participating composers.  The off weeks we are ‘themeless’ and wide open to the whim.  The aim is ‘new music’ and ‘pushing’.  This event was of the themeless but due to interest in a recent comet the element of that aura emerged in some of the work.

A few highlights from the weekend were these but please checkout the complete Sound-In playlist for the weekend of March 14-16, 2013, here.

Roger “ErocNet” Sundström @ Alonetone
Quadra Notes

Steve Layton
A Comet in the Western Sky

Chris Vaisvil @
Strangely 16

Paul Mimlitsch

Paul H. Muller
Ides of March

Benjamin Smith@alonetone

Jeff Duke

Jim Goodin
Remember this Day

Kevin Martin
The Edge of Spring

Bruce Hamilton

William V Newbold
“indascension 1”

Betty & The Doctor (reprise)

Echoes from the Oort

Steve Moshier
Not On My Shift

Norbert Oldani
Forlorn Desolation

Shane W. Cadman @ Illustrious Music

Thanks for listening and reading.  See you next time for Soundings from Sound-In.



A Mid-February’s Weekend

Greetings – another Sound-In music event concluded last evening at 6pm PST with 52 new music works never before heard from 26 musicians from around the globe.  The event was open ‘no theme’ as it is every other weekend.

The Sound-In musical weekend ergo, ‘the event’ takes place each Thursday afternoon at 4pm PST and running through Saturday evening at 6 PST inviting new music experimental work contributed under Creative Commons agreement by the Sound-In community.

A selection by each of the 26 artists follows and visit the new music community at to experience all the works created.

kOss pHactor/Jeff Duke/Ray Istorico/Jim Goodin
Take Two Pills and Call Me in the Morning
Glenn Smith & Lydia Busler-Blais 
The Longer Road
Ojo Taylor
J.C. Combs
Jeff Fairbanks
Bruce Hamilton
porcupine fantasy (feat Mike Battaglia)
Johnny & Faith
Dropping Dinner, Speaking In Tongues & Visiting Tybo In Heaven …
Kevin Macneil Brown
Black River, White Pines, Winter 1974.
Norbert Oldani
Canons – made from material I used for past Sound-in posts
Steve Moshier 
Smoke and Mirrors
Glenn Smith
Plaintive Cries from Afar (Lydia Busler-Blais, Steve Layton, Glenn …
Shane W. Cadman
Jim Goodin
Grey Cats on a Slippery Slope
Paul H. Muller
Steve Moyes
Pictures of Men with Guitars
Chris Vaisvil
Andrew’s 12 of 31 edo moment of symmetry scale
Fredrik Mikalsen & Roger “ErocNet” Sundström
Fredriko Dad
Benjamin Smith
Jeff Duke
St Valentines Lament
Paul Mimlitsch
screaming with the trees
Roger “ErocNet” Sundström
Hearts of Stars (Breaking Light on Soundcloud)
Steve Layton
Four Minute Mile (feat. Jeff Duke, Roger Sundström, Fredrik Mikalsen, Benjamin Smith, Jeff Fairbanks, Paul Mimlitsch)

Once again listen to all the musical works created in the Feb 14 – 16, 2013 Sound-In event in the archive listening at

The next Sound-In event, February 21-23 will be the annual Sound-In Film Festival – please join us for a marvelously aural and visual experience.  And speaking of video/film follow Words On New Music with hosts Paul H. Muller and Jim Goodin, a New Music YouTube channel.

See you next time…

For I’m Jim Goodin

Jim Goodin - Soundings from Sound-In -

Jim Goodin – Soundings from Sound-In –

Dark and Light

This weekend event (Feb 7-9) the Sound-In new music Internet community responded to the optional theme Dark and Light suggested by contributing musician Paul Mimlitsch. A regular online gathering of 19 global musicians and sound artist created 47 musical works freely available for listening and download (right or control click, choose Save As) at the communities online listening archive listening vault.

Hear a sampling from each participating artist now and to listen to more of the event works go to the above link…

Serf and Toof Bruce Hamilton – USA

Shadow Play Breaking Light – USA

Light Switch Dark Switch Steve Moyes – England

Willow Road Jim Goodin – USA

Piece020813 Shane W. Cadman – USA

free Palestine J.C. Combs – USA

Meditating on a Slope Steve Moshier – USA

24 sec talking about Darkness Christiane Offenbar – Germany

The Unbearable Darkness of Being Johnny & Faith – USA

free pal mash by Bruce Hamilton, featuring J.C. Combs and Tasha Warren – USA

Calm Seas Paul H. Muller – USA

Piano Improv (from my living room piano) Norbert Oldani – USA

the other way 1 William V. Newbold – USA

Darkness Over Texas Chris Vaisvil – USA

Raw Calls from the Dark Lydia Busler-Blais – USA

Ben.improv.Feb.3.2013 Benjamin Smith – USA

Darkness – bass clarinet improv Paul Mimlitsch – USA

Ping Pong Shades Roger “ErocNet” Sundström – Sweden

Friday Passions for the Dark Meat (feat. Jim Goodin, Offenbar Christiane, Steve Moyes, Norbert Oldani, Lydia Busler-Blais, Steve Layton, Kavin Allenson) – mash by Roger “ErocNet” Sundström

Steel Moon Steve Layton – USA

Walking my Mechanical Dog in the Park after Dark (feat. Steve Layton, Roger “ErocNet” Sundström, Steve Moyes, Lydia Busler-Blais and Christiane Offenbar) mash by Steve Layton

Listen to all the works from the event at Sound-In Listening Vault

Watch Words On New Music with the new episode featuring ‘mash’ works with host Paul H. MullerWords On New Music.

See you next time for more Soundings from Sound-In.

Jim Goodin, blog author

Jim Goodin - Whats New at ImprovFriday -

Jim Goodin – Soundings From Sound-In –