News and reviews about the New Music community, Sound-In formerly ImprovFriday.

Themeless goes to wonderful places…

It’s been a bit since a post from me at Soundings but it has not meant the internet new music community has been asleep at the wheel!  Our weekly Creative Commons based recording event thrives full throttle with a community of global artist musicians producing inspired introspective thought provoking musicality.

This weekends event (Oct 10-12, 2013) was open meaning no suggested theme.  Every other event we select an optional idea theme from a virtual ‘Magic Hat‘ to seed everyone’s ideas.  On the events that are themeless the energy and inspiration is no less and at times wilder wider, always great.

Without further waxing of words, the playlist link as well as follows here…

Bruce Hamilton
Steve Moshier
These Walls Do Speak
Lydia Busler-Blais @
Autumnal Peeper Drive
Shane W. Cadman
Steve Layton, Roger “ErocNet” Sundström (Mix J.C . Combs @
Leaf Mix
Norbert Oldani
Piano Improvisation – based on a 12 tone row and some tonal material
Paul H. Muller
Pleiades Two
Pleiades Three
dollars to dimes
Paul Mimlitsch
Chris Vaisvil @
a mornng of dihydrogen monoxide
Benjamin Smith @alonetone
Jim Goodin
Deconstruction Myth
Meditation Narrative in E
Trying to Figure It Out (OCD)
Roger “ErocNet” Sundström
A Moment I
Air Moment I
Steve Layton
Leaf Fall
Paul Mimlitsch x 2, Steve Layton (mix Steve Layton) The Mountains Behind
Kavin Allenson & Roger Sundström (mix Steve Layton) Two Friends Discuss John Fahey
Chris Vaisvil, Benjamin Smith, Norbert Oldani (mix Steve Layton) The Bridge into the City
Benjamin Smith & Jim Goodin (mix Steve Layton) Circling the Answer
Paul Muller x 2, Bruce Hamilton, Chris Vaisvil (mix Steve Layton) Two Point Five Minute War

Closing words of wax…

Lest I forgot for all out there with Apple mobile devices, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad I created an audio player app that features releases of our events.  The tracks are embedded in the app so the music can be enjoyed offline.  The current app playlist features tracks from the Apr 4-6, 2013, dream theme event.  The player download is free at .  Please consider rating or reviewing it!

Should you not have an Apple mobile or desire to just access via computer or other mobile device, the release is on Bandcamp at .

Peace out from Soundings from Sound-In.  I’m Jim Goodin.





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